Detrimental Lifestyle of Pakistanis and their effects.

People of this day and age have a toxic lifestyle and are not concerned about their diet and physical activities. As per the University of Rochester Medical Center (New York), physical inactivity and obesity are the two most common health issues nowadays. Pakistan is also among those countries where people are least concerned about their health and fitness. Some factors have become a permanent part of the lifestyle of the people living here, and are causing some crucial problems. What those factors are and how they are affecting the people are as follows: 

Physical Inactivity

Most of the people in Pakistan don’t indulge in healthy activities because of the grinding daily routine. They tend to follow the same pattern of getting up, going to work, sitting and eating all the time, and sleep at the end of the day. Lack of physical activity can damage the human body and lead to heart diseases, blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, even for people who do not have any other risk factors.

Consumption of Unhealthy Diet

Pakistani’s are no less than other nations in this world when it comes to eating. They don’t care one bit about eating healthy and are least concerned about it and take whatever satisfies their taste buds. They go for junk food, traditional continental dishes with excessive spices, and cholesterol that cause many diseases and weight problems and are one of the primary reasons for the unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistani’s. 

Excessive Intake of Tobacco

Another factor that has become a part of people’s lives is smoking and the intake of tobacco, which has become a kind of trend and fashion in Pakistani society. People smoke tobacco without actually knowing how dangerous and harmful it can be. It is the primary reason for non-communicative diseases like cancer and heart stroke.

Bottom Line

Due to all the aforementioned factors and unhealthy lifestyles, half of the Pakistani women and men suffer from Non-communicable diseases such as obesity. As per the latest report of the WHO (World Health Organization), about 1.9 billion adults 18 years and older are overweight around the globe, and about 650 million of these are obese. So we must be cautious and concerned about our health and should work out regularly to be the best version of ourselves.